Best Woodworking Lathes

If you’re looking for a high-quality lathe that’s going to keep your project steady during all cutting, sanding, drilling, and other manipulation. It’s important to invest in a trusted piece of equipment. Learn more about the best woodworking lathes in this featured article.

best woodworking lathes

SHOP FOX Benchtop Lathe

This lathe is great for small to medium sized woodworking projects. The SHOP FOX Benchtop Lathe is made out of cast iron and is compact enough to easily rest on most workbenches. The motor that is incorporated within this lathe features a variable speed motor. The variable speed makes this lathe ideal for many types of projects.

It has the potential to deliver spindle speeds of 700-3200 revolutions per minute. It will hold wood up to 12 inches in length. This lathe by shop fox features two tool rests. This lathe is of high enough quality to stand up to consistent, daily use which makes this ideal for professionals.  It comes with a two-year warranty, so if you run into any issues you can easily have this lathe replaced. When taking price and quality into account this lathe is hard to beat.

Jet Wood Working Lathe

This is a small lathe that works really well for small scale projects. It’s great for things like making a small chair and table legs. It is relatively inexpensive when compared to other lathes that are of the same size with similar features. The Jet Wood Working Lathe offers 24 index positions, which makes it easy to work on a wide variety of projects.  This lathe weighs 77 pounds and is technically classified as a mini lathe. It will fit comfortably on just about any workbench or work area.

This lathe is made out of cast iron, which gives the machine a stable, sturdy, and safe feel while working. This lathe produces less vibration and runs more quietly compared to other models thanks to its cast iron body. If you are in the market for a benchtop lathe that has a sturdy and solid structure, this could be the lathe for you.

NOVA Comet Variable Speed Lathe

This lathe has a wide speed range of 250 to 4000 RPM. The option to run this lathe at a very high speed or very low speed makes this lathe a great choice for people that work on a wide variety of projects. This lathe is slender in size and saves tremendously on space due to its sleek and slender design. The NOVA Comet lathe has a cast iron build which works well to absorb any vibrations that are produced while working. It has an easy to understand, intuitive interface.

All of the knobs and controls are clearly labeled which makes this lathe safe to use and easy for beginners to understand. This lathe has all of the specs of some of the more expensive models at a much lower cost. If you are looking for a lathe that has the capacity to complete a wide range of tasks and a budget-friendly price this lathe is worth looking into.

RIKON Mini Lathe

This lathe is the largest mini lathe in the woodworking industry. This lathe has the option to add extensions which means that it can be used for both big and small projects without having to sacrifice space in your work area. It is quick and easy to change speeds while using this lathe! It has an access cover which easily opens up to allow the user to adjust the drive belt.

This lathe features an indexing head that allows the user to lock their material into varying positions to achieve greater detail on their projects. This lathe is user-friendly and has intuitive features that are easy to use. It has a handle that easily flips up to make moving the lathe around the work area more convenient. The RIKON mini lathe comes with a two-year warranty.

Woodworking With Confidence

From large to small, projects, your work depends on keeping your object steady. Using a lathe with a solid build-quality will keep your result consistent, producing a better product.