Best Woodworking Clamps

Looking to keep your work steady while working on the finer details of your next woodworking project? Whether you’re chiseling finer details or sawing large pieces of wood, you’ll find that the high-quality clamps listed below will get the job done. Learn more about the best woodworking clamps here.

best woodworking clamps

Jorgensen Light Duty Bar Clamp

These clamps are ideal for a wide variety of woodworking projects. They are an excellent choice for those who are in need of clamps for light duty DIY woodworking projects. They feature protective pads that are made out of thick, heavy duty plastic. The set comes with two individual clams. One is an eight-inch clamp, and the other is a 12-inch clamp. They are ideal for working on things like cabinets, small drawers, and shelving units. If you do not need a clamp that is capable of handling extreme weights, these ones are a great choice. It is important to keep their capabilities in mind when you are using them. If you attempt to use these clamps to keep larger items in place you run the risk of bending the bars of the clamp.  For the price, they simply can’t be beaten when it comes to other light-duty bar clamps that are on the market.

Bessey Economy Style Bar Clamp

This is a solid, reliable clamp that can be used for a wide array of woodworking projects. These clamps are nickel plated and feature red tips and handles. They are designed to be resistant to corrosion and chipping. These clamps also have protective padding on the top and bottom jaws of the clamp as an added safety measure. They can handle up to 36 inches of material at a time when clamping. These are considered to be medium duty clamps and are excellent for holding pieces of wood together while the glue is drying. The steel used to make the bars of these clamps is of high quality so you will not have to worry about these clamps breaking in the middle of your project. For the price, these clamps are hard to beat. They aren’t what many would consider “heavy duty,” but they are perfect for people that need clamps for medium duty woodworking projects.

Jorgensen Cabinet Master Bar Clamps

This clamp is ideal for woodworking projects like cabinet making, door making, or any other project that requires evenly applied pressure. These clamps feature a 90 degree parallel jaw that is perfect for glue-ups, composites, and general wood clamping tasks. The jaw of this wood clamp is designed to provide even pressure distribution and features a secure locking system that keeps the clamp from slipping in the middle of projects. These clamps have comfortable handles that allow the user to easily make any adjustments to the placement of the clamps. The way that the handles are designed on these bar clamps makes them super easy to torque.  The jaw of the clamp is simple to open and close thanks to the rapid release feature. It is capable of holding 24 inches of material when clamping. After taking these clamps out of the box, you can tell that they are of high quality and will last you a long time.

Bora Parallel Jaw Woodworking Clamp

This is a great clamp for heavy-duty woodworking projects. These clamps provide ample stability and enable the user to have accuracy and precision while they are working. These clamps feature a parallel Jaw that allows users to tackle their projects with ease on a hobby and on a professional level. The jaws are padded for protection and can expand up to 50 inches which makes them great for handling and clamping larger amounts of material. These clamps operate smoothly and are powerful. They feature a padded handle for comfort while using. If you are in need of a clamp that is capable of handling both light and heavy-duty woodworking projects, you can’t go wrong with the Bora Parallel Jaw Woodworking Clamp. It is the best of both worlds and is an incredibly versatile tool that can handle projects both big and small.

Woodworking Clamps in Review

A good pair of woodworking clamps will last you a lifetime. Keep your next project steady by investing in a high-quality pair of clamps!