Best Woodworking Clamps

Clamps are a woodworker’s bread and butter. They are an absolute necessity for just about any scale of woodworking project, from a simple glued birdhouse to a full-scale framing project. Clamps function as a second (or third, or fourth…) set of hands and are an irreplaceable asset in getting your project done precisely and efficiently.

If you’re a serious wood craftsman, it is likely that you’ll need several different varieties of clamps that each serve their own unique purpose.

Can-Do Clamp

A great place to start is with the Can-Do Clamp by MLCS. This simple, sturdy tool is a clamp and vise in one. It can help you get the perfect right angle framed and is also great for drilling and doweling.

best woodworking clamp

The Can-Do Clamp features clamps on both sides of its movable jaws, allowing users both greater flexibility in the placement of the clamp as well as superior grip on the surface of the wood itself.

Made of sturdy and reliable aluminum, it features oblong holes on two sides which allow it to be easily mounted to a workbench if necessary. The sliding T handle pushes on the inner moving jaw and provides extremely high clamping pressure. It can hold lumber up to 2-3/4”, so it is perfect for most basic projects.

SEDY Band Clamp, Frame Clamp Quick Release Strap Clamp For Woodworking

Described as a “must have” for any woodwork enthusiast, the SEDY Band Clamp, Frame Clamp Quick Release Strap Clamp For Woodworking is Amazon’s choice option as far as band clamps go. Typically used for frames, it also works great with almost any other irregular shape including round projects like barrels.

For these shapes, the corner braces can easily be removed, leaving the canvas strap to hold them in place. This clamp really shines in furniture building applications and is most often used prior to gluing the pieces.

The 4 meter (approximately 12 yard) nylon canvas strap maintains excellent tension and can be tightened or loosened near the 1×1” non-marring jaws.

The SEDY Band Clamp also has a quick-release option for speedy adjustments. Weighing it at less than three quarters of a pound, this nimble tool won’t hinder your workflow at all.

Bessey LM2.004 LM General Purpose Clamp

The Bessey LM2.004 LM General Purpose Clamp can wear many hats. It is the most versatile style of clamp, functioning as a c-clamp. Its high quality German manufacturing means that it will stay strong and last over time.

The ergonomic wood-grip handle keeps you protected from hand fatigue, and the thoughtful protective cap protects your wood from unwanted damage. Additionally, the Bessey LM General Purpose Clamp comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that your purchase is a worthwhile one.

Bessey BPC-H34 3/4-Inch H Style Pipe Clamp

For a more stationary use, Bessey BPC-H34 3/4-Inch H Style Pipe Clamp makes a great choice. As an H-style clamp, the assembly is stabilized by its “feet” that rest on the table surface, providing bidirectional stability. It has been thoughtfully manufactured with an extra-high base.

best woodworking clamps

Not only does this mean your woodwork does not run the risk of bumping into your work surface, but it also means that the crank handle easily clears your bench when turning, eliminating the need for constant readjustment or frustrating collisions.

Available in a wide variety of size options, you can also save money by purchasing a multi-pack. You’ll definitely want (and need!) more than one of these durable, reliable clamps in your workshop.

Irwin Tools IRHT83220 QUICK-GRIP Clamp Set, 8 Piece

If you’ve been into woodworking for a while, or you’re looking to get started by undertaking a slightly larger project, you’ll need a reliable set of a clamps that serve multiple purposes.

The Irwin Tools IRHT83220 QUICK-GRIP Clamp Set, 8 Piece has 2 each of 4 different clamp types to ensure that you’ll always have the one you need on hand.

The mini bar clamps each supply up to 150 pounds per square inch of pressure. The alligator Handi-Clamps feature a quick-release trigger so you can adjust and readjust easily. The entire set is made out of high-tech, reinforced resin.

Using resin instead of metal or wood, like some other clamps, greatly enhances both the strength and the longevity of the clamps. Backed by the IRWIN lifetime guarantee, your satisfaction as a customer is of the utmost importance.