Best Vises For Woodworking

Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker, or you’d like to call yourself a woodworker-in-training, chances are you are in need of a way to hold down your wood strongly without slip. Nothing can ruin a DIY project more than a faulty vise. In this article, you’ll learn more about the best vises for woodworking.

best vises for woodworking

Pony 27091 9-Inch by 7-Inch Medium Duty Woodworker’s Vise

Whether you are using it for a DIY project at home, or for use in your professional shop, the Pony Woodworker’s Vise may be the perfect addition to your tool box. With the ability to mount to the face of any wood work bench, this vise will be able to assist you in your wood working. To attach wood facings to enable you to protect your work, the jaws have drilled holes incorporated in it. To secure your oversized material you may be working on, the front jaw includes a solid steel dog which joins with the bench stop.

The vise works well with ACME thread main screw and twin guide bars made of plated steel. Featuring a 7 inch wide jaw as well as a 9 inch max opening capacity, this vise will fit almost any project you may be working on. Appealing to the eye, the castings are grey iron and are finished with orange baked enamel.

Shop Fox D4328 9-Inch Quick Release Wood Vise

If you are looking for a heavy cast iron wood base to help you with your woodworking, then the Shop Fox D4328 9-Inch Quick Release Wood Vise may be just what you need to have in your workshop. The heavy cast iron wood base is polished with guide rods featuring a quick release lever that disengages the screw to ensure a fast and efficient material engagement. Also included in this device are sliding dogs for securing long work pieces to the bench that you’re working on. The quick release face is created to fit well on a work bench that is 2 1/4 inch and thicker. However, it can adapt to work benches that are as small as one and a half inch thick with the use of a shim.

Equipped with pre-drilled jaws, the vice can easily be attached to custom non-marring jaw faces to protect the surface of your work peace. For maximum durability and years of dependable use, the cast iron construction will ensure that your vise will last you a very long time. For an efficient and fast operation, just push the quick release lever towards the vise handle to disengage .Included with the supplies are sliding stop dogs for use with bench dogs.

Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise, Gray Cast Iron, 9″ Size

The Eclipse vise is tailored with an adjustable front stop (dog) that offers additional clamping ability when it is used along side a bench stop. This provides a normal vise and a tail vise all in one tool, making it well worth the $121.80. Featuring heavy-duty cast iron jaws and dense steel slide rods for eternal rugged use. The vise jaws are toed in to make sure there is positive clamping even under the heftiest clamping pressure. Your safety is always a priority, so the fused tommy bar is designed to ben before the vise is able to become over-stressed.

Easily mount this vise to virtually any style of workbench and use it in a configuration of your choice. Equipped with two predrilled holes for a speedy and sturdy mounting on your workbench, this will become your new favorite accessory. In addition, this vise features 2 cast tabs for mounting screws. You can purchase the screws at your local hardware store.

The Eclipse Quick Release Vise has a front mounted lever that disengages the vise screw to allow rapid opening and closing of the vise. This means that you are able to quickly adjust the opening of the vise to either clamp or release the piece you are working with. This design ensures a smooth and efficient operation, making this vise a very multipurpose a regularly used tool in your workspace.

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With a higher-quality vise, you’ll now be able to cut, glue, or clamp with better precision than an otherwise faulty vise. Commonly overlooked, a vise is a critical tool at the workbench of any skilled woodworker.