Best Tweezers For Splinters

It’s not just annoying, it’s painful. Especially if you’re an experienced woodworker, you’ve probably experienced a really bad splinter. I’m talking about the splinters that you can’t seem to get out with those cheap plastic tweezers! In this article, we’ve found the best tweezers for splinters, so you can get that painful piece of wood out faster, with less manly tears.

best tweezers for splinters

Tweezer Guru: Stainless Steel Pointed Tweezers

There are few things in this world that are more annoying—and sometimes very painful—than a splinter. Worse yet, there are few instruments that are useful for extracting these incredibly annoying shards of material. What to do to prepare for this unfortunate circumstance? Order yourself a pair of Tweezer Guru’s Steel Pointed Tweezers and free yourself from the painful foreign piece.

Made from stainless steel, these tweezers will never rust (unless under extreme conditions, or damage to the outer protectant layer) and will not succumb to damage easily. The manufacturers of this helpful tool claim that, not only will the removal of the splinter be easy and without hassle, but the removal process will leave no scarring! This is a huge benefit, especially if the splinter has made its way to a very present area of the body.

Most people have tweezers but all too often we find our tweezers fail to grab onto the splinter due to misaligned tips—causing more damage, and more distress. Tweezer Guru’s Stainless Steel Pointed Tweezers, on the other hand, have virtually perfect aligned points and are great for grabbing onto pesky little shards. Another beneficial quality of these tweezers are the gripping shape of the handle—providing effortless handling and precision extraction.21

Tweez’em By Majestic Bombay

With a lifetime guarantee, the Majestic Bombay Tweezers are a must have for every splinter emergency. Majestic Bombay fancies their tweezers as “surgical grade” quality and will never disappoint—however if anyone is dissatisfied with their purchase for any reason, Majestic Bombay will accept all returns and either refund the full cost of the product, or replace the tweezers with a new one. Suffice to say, the creators of Tweez’em are very confident about their product and prove so in their return policy.

What separates Tweez’em from most other precision tweezers? This helpful tool also comes in a bright yellow color and has a wide grip—allowing for locating the tweezers all the easier when needed. If yellow is just not your color, black is another option as well. The tips of the tweezers are silver and in a way, this creates the illusion that the points of the tweezers act as the “surgical” component—while the grips are for the average—non-surgeon—user.

The finest and, seemingly, invisible splinters will not stand a chance against Tweez’em. So if you so happen to work in a splinter prone industry and are sick and tired of useless tweezers failing to get the job done accurately, get Tweez’em by Majestic Bombay and never stress about having splinters left in your skin ever again.

Eilin Professional Stainless Steel Pointed Tweezers

Even at first glance, these are not your average splinter tweezers. Equipped with a long handle for easy gripping, these tweezers are made for easy extracting of even the finest splinters. Eilin Professional Stainless Steel Pointed Tweezers have hand-filed sharp points are are essential for the removal of wooden, thorn, glass and metal splinters. Fundamentally, these tweezers can remove any type of foreign body lodged into the skin.

As with any quality tweezer, Eilin Tweezers have points that match up to the exact measurement. Available in a sleek, matte silver color, these tweezers come in a package with an iron case and a protective cap. Described as “made by surgical stainless steel”, this handy tool will not rust or distort easily and is the kind of smart investment to make and keep, in any household or travel bag.

Having a matte handle adds visual quality but the calibrated tension of the handle provides the kind of factor particularly beneficial to the removal of fine foreign bodies. As any frequent user knows, having a tweezer with a great handle is equally as important and the fine—perfectly matching tips. With this type of handle, even the most unsteady and fragile hands will find these tweezers to be life-saving—and quite frankly skin saving as well.

Get ’em Out

You might not think a splinter is a wound, but it is. Even though you shouldn’t let your friends hear you calling a splinter a wound, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat it like it is. A splinter can get infected, and while it may be painful to take out, it’s less painful that an infected splinter.