Best Staple Guns

Staples a quick and convenient way to fasten wood. Staple guns come in an extremely wide variety of options, some much more powerful than others. Choosing the right one for your intended project will help you achieve quicker success without the frustration that comes with dealing with an inadequate tool.

Staple Gun, 3 in 1 Manual Nail Gun with 1800 Staples

For most basic household DIY projects, the Staple Gun, 3 in 1 Manual Nail Gun with 1800 Staples is a very suitable choice. This staple gun can be used for countless tasks including upholstery, décor, furniture building, and even carpentry. It supports 3 different staple types for enhanced versatility: D type, U type, and T type.

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Made of thick carbon steel, the body of the staple gun is durable enough to withstand heavy use and even the inevitable drop. The Quick-Jam-Clear feature allows users to easily pull the binding switch and remove the offending staples so they can quickly get back to their projects.

The power can be adjusted using a simple knob in order to ensure adequate penetration of the material you’re working with. At just under $17, this staple gun is a great addition to any toolkit and its portability means you can take it on the go without a hassle.

ARROW Hammer Tacker Kit, Heavy Duty, HT50

For a more specialized set of applications, the ARROW Hammer Tacker Kit, Heavy Duty, HT50 is ideal for those working in roofing, insulation, house wrapping, or other building occupations. Many will appreciate that this hammer tacker is made in the USA with an all-steel construction and a sleek chrome finish for both style and enhanced durability. It features a handy jam-proof mechanism, so you won’t be constantly having to interrupt your work to deal with pesky loose staples.

It accepts several sizes of staple including 5/16”, 3/8”, and 1/2”. Its ergonomic, high-impact sure grip handle keeps you comfortable on the job. This particular kit includes the hammer tacker itself, along with 1250 staples to get you started.

Ryobi P360 18 Volt Lithium Ion One+ 3/8 – 1 1/2 Inch Crown Stapler

For some jobs, a manual staple gun simply won’t cut it. If more power is what you need, check out the Ryobi P360 18 Volt Lithium Ion One+ 3/8 – 1 1/2 Inch Crown Stapler. It is compatible with any Ryobi lithium ion battery, so you can easily swap between similar tools. Being battery powered, you eliminate tripping over cords and being stuck near an outlet in order to do your work. Not only that, but you also do not need to lug around a clunky air compressor! Less noise, less clutter, and a safer workspace are all things you can look forward to with the Ryobi P 360.

This tool was made for speed and convenience of use. Adjusting the depth requires no additional tools or keys, simply use one hand to make a quick change and you’re ready to go. The built-in LED lighting means you can work from before dawn until after dusk without issue.

It even has a nifty “low staple” indicator, so you won’t be accidentally dry firing and causing damage to your work surface. This does only include the tool itself, and not the battery or charger, but as previously stated it is compatible with any other Ryobi lithium ion battery.

Cordless Staple Gun, NEU MASTER NTC0070 3.6V Li-ion Battery Staple Gun

If you’re looking for the convenience and hassle-free workflow of a cordless staple gun but without the hefty price tag of the Ryobi P 360, take a look at the Cordless Staple Gun, NEU MASTER NTC0070 3.6V Li-ion Battery Staple Gun.

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Featuring a new Advanced Impact Drive, you’ll enjoy more stable shooting along with enhanced penetration and strength. Again, no pesky wires, plugs, or air compressors needed. This staple gun is extremely portable, even for its class, with a length of just over 7 inches and a weight of less than 2.5 pounds.

This enhanced portability doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice power, though. It can easily be used for even heavy carpentry applications. Adding to the overall convenience, this unit charges via a micro USB cable instead of a proprietary brand-name one like most others.

WEN 61705 20-Gauge 3/8-Inch Crown Air-Powered Pneumatic T50 Stapler

Maybe you’re already accustomed to working on an intense, high-powered jobsite and are undeterred by the noise of an air compressor. In fact, many simply feel more secure knowing that their equipment is powered by some of the strongest sources available. In this case, the WEN 61705 20-Gauge 3/8-Inch Crown Air-Powered Pneumatic T50 Stapler is an all-around great option.

The adjustable air exhaust can be rotated 360 degrees for maximum user comfort. Weighing in at just 1.8 pounds, this compact powerhouse of a staple gun will keep you from worrying about running out of battery charge and focused on the job at hand. At just $30, this tool is an unbelievable bargain.

Premium Power Staple Guns Without a Premium Price

These staple guns aren’t your grandmother’s office staplers. If you’re looking for the best staple guns without the premium price tag, above are the best solutions for you. Staple guns are essential for any project. Always be safe and follow precautions when using any dangerous machinery.