Best Spray Guns

Looking for a multi-use spray gun that’ll last forever? Spray guns aren’t just used in woodworking. From priming to acrylics and top cement, investing in a high-quality spray gun can hold its uses for the many years to come. Learn more about the best spray guns on the market.

best spray guns

Thunder Hardware Siphon Feed Spray Gun

If you are in the market for a spray gun this one is a great choice. This spray gun will work well with a wide variety of materials such as top coat, acrylic, contact cement, etc. This spray gun is easy to work with and is a good choice for people who do not have the time to worry about holding the spray gun at the correct angle.

This spray gun will work well while being held a just about any angle. This spray gun is heavy duty and made out of stainless steel. The nozzle is built to be clog resistant so you will not have to worry about running into any setbacks while you are using this spray gun. If you were to use this spray gun without knowing how much it cost you would likely think that it was an expensive model, but it is actually very reasonable price when compared to other models, and most users find that this works just as well.

Scuddles Power Paint Sprayer

This is an excellent spray gun that comes embedded with a lot of features. This is a great option for those that are looking for a spray gun that has flexibility in terms of settings. This spray gun has three modes that allow the user to choose from three different spray patterns. The spray patterns include vertical, circular, and horizontal.

It is great for DIY projects like fence painting, cabinet painting, among a wide array of other things. It comes with a six-foot-long power cord which makes moving around while you are working easy and convenient. The Scuddles Power Paint Spray comes with a few different cleaning tools to make cleaning up the spray gun between projects easy. It also comes with a few replacement parts and extra nozzles. This spray gun is user-friendly and easy for beginners to figure out how to use.

Delxo Paint Sprayer

The Delxo Paint Sprayer is a high power spray gone that uses 650 watts of power. The paint holder has the capacity to hold 1000 ml of paint at a time which makes this spray gun a great choice for people that are working on commercial projects and need to cover a lot of ground at once. This spray gun is also user-friendly and great for people that are looking for a spray gun to use on their at home projects.

It comes with a shoulder strap which makes using this spray gun less taxing on the body and more comfortable to carry. This spray gun has a built-in cooling system which allows the spray gun to be used for long periods of time without overheating the paint inside of the chamber. This spray gun features adjustable flow control and allows the user to choose between three different spray patterns.

The flow control is easy to use and can be adjusted by moving the flow control knob that is found on the sprayer. The body of this paint sprayer is detachable and easy to clean between projects. In addition to paint, this sprayer can also be used for varnish, stain, primer, among other things.

NEU MASTER Electric Spray Gun

This electric spray gun is similar to the other spray gun models listed above. It shares a similar price point and builds quality. It has three different nozzle settings and allows for some flexibility without overwhelming the user with unnecessary features. However, this paint sprayer also features a powerful fan which allows for a more even distribution of paint across the surface as it is being sprayed.

It also comes with a viscosity cup to test the thickness of the paint before putting it in the spray chamber. This is convenient and allows the user to determine if they need to thin their paint before using it inside of the machine