Top 5 Best Sawhorses That Get the Job Done

Which sawhorse is perfect for me?

Easy to transport? Vertical support? No matter what job, you’ll need a sawhorse tailored to your needs. Below, we’ve outlined the top 5 best sawhorses that won’t fail to keep your wood sturdy

best sawhorse

ToughBuilt Folding Sawhorse/Jobsite Table

When you’re working on a sawhorse, you want to be sure your surface is as sturdy as possible! This sawhorse is priced lower than most. With the ability to handle a 1,100 lb. capacity each, 2200lb per pair, you can rest assure that the ToughBuilt C500 Sawhorse Jobsite Table is durable enough to withhold the strongest of jobs. This sawhorse is constructed of 100% high-grade steel and made to last.

Transform 2 sawhorses into one heavy duty jobsite table with the featured 2×4 support arms. The fast-open legs allow you to get straight to setting up your work table. Powder-coated and zinc-plated steel has been thoughtfully chosen to prevent corrosion and uphold through severe working conditions.

Take this sawhorse from jobsite to jobsite, and lend it to your friends! The easy carry handle is included for easy transportation, and rolled edges are included for comfort and safety.

WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair

You’ll feel like you have a second set of hands when you are working with the WORX Clamping Sawhorses. Reasonably priced, the pair of sawhorses come with two detachable bar clamps which safely and securely hold the materials down while you do the sawing and the working!

No need for extra tools, the bar clamps attach right to the sawhorses and have the ability to support objects up to 18 inches wide. Have the freedom to work from any angle with the capability to position these clamps horizontally or vertically.

You can use the clamps on other projects by simply detaching them. You can even simplify your sawhorse by removing the clamps. These sawhorses are durable, yet easy to transport and store away. If you are a DIY person with limited space to work, this is the right sawhorse for you!

Use the two sawhorses together and easily support up to 1,000 pounds. This gives you the confidence to work with the heaviest materials. Each sawhorse has a 2-inch-wide indentation on the top which helps hold your material in place. Easily access your other tools by storing them in the built-in lower shelf and cord hooks. Simply pack up your workstation by folding the sawhorses flat.

Portamate PM-3300T

When you’re transporting your sawhorse to and from your jobsite, you’re going to want a lightweight, compactable sawhorse to conveniently do so. The Bora Portamate PM-3300T is what you need! Don’t let its convenience fool you, it is strong enough to handle the toughest of jobs you may come across. Purchasing was affordable at a reasonable price.

Designed with the professionals and with the DIY’ers in mind, this sawhorse can be used by anyone! The PM-330 has a top that measures 39 x 3-1/2 inches, 33-inch work height, and 29×48-inch wide. It can handle up to 500 lbs of weight. If you put two together, one paid can handle 1,000 lbs!

Don’t waste any time setting up this sawhorse. The easy snap-pin set up will have you ready to start working in no time. Each sawhorse comes shipped fully assembled and is ready to get working on right out of the package. The rust-resistant powder-coated finish ensures that this all steel sawhorse will remain in great condition throughout the toughest of circumstances.

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse

Rethink the way you perform a project with the innovative WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse! This versatile workstation conveniently converts from a table to a sawhorse in just a matter of seconds! You can create a larger scale work table by joining it with another Pegasus table for heftier projects. A dual clamping system is included to hold steady your objects while you work. Although it is a little more expensive than the average sawhorse, you sure get your money’s worth with this sawhorse.

The Pegasus work table has a surface of 31”x 25” with the ability to support up to 300lbs. The link-lock system guarantees that your table will hold heavier materials without the fear of collapsing. Two bar clamps are adjustable to slide along the built-in tabletop channels, giving you a hand with holding straight-edge materials in place while you cut, glue, varnish or paint!

Need to secure a round or irregularly shaped object? No problem. Four holding pegs are available for rearranging across the tabletop just for that reason. If you remove the clamps and fold the sides of the Pegasus down, you will transform your Pegasus into a durable sawhorse that has the ability to support up to 1,000 lbs. yet is easy to transport. Indentation wells are designed to assist in holding a standard 2×4 steady while you work, ensuring you are working with safety, and ease.

Take the Pegasus with you wherever you go, thanks to its lightweight design. Stay organized with the built-in lower shelf, allowing you to easily access your other tools. As soon as the work day is over, simply fold the Pegasus flat and store it away!

Keter Folding Compact Workbench Sawhorse Work Table

Whether you’re a DIY handyman or a professional, the Keter Folding Work Table offers a tough workspace for all of your projects. Durable steel legs offer the support you need to perform your tasks with confidence. A pair of one-handed clamps holds your materials steadily in place, so you don’t need an extra set of hands. Reasonably priced, you will be very happy with this sawhorse.

The Keter Folding Work Table has the ability to hold up to 1,000 pounds. You will have more than enough space to spread out on the 33.46” W x 21.65” D tabletop surface. Don’t be fooled by its heavy-duty abilities, this work table easily folds up to a compacted size for easy storage when you are not using it. Take the table with you on the go with the easy to carry handle.

The Keter Folding Work Table was thoughtfully curated with quality construction and weather-resistant materials, ensuring your table will withstand all different work environments. The table is created with rugged polypropylene resin and built to last a lifetime.

Hold Your Horses, Get a New Sawhorse

Whether you’re taking on a small, or big job, a sturdy sawhorse is critical. With these modern sawhorses, they’ll battle corrosion resistance, heavy loads, and multiple uses for a lifetime.