Best Pole Saws

A chainsaw is good, and so is a ladder. But a chainsaw on a ladder is a recipe for disaster. Using a pole saw allows you to saw high branches safely, with ease. In this article, we’ll learn all about the best pole saws for your type of work. Learn more about the best pole saws in this article.

best pole saws

Snow Joe Sun Joe

This pole saw has the ability to expand to 14 feet of overhead reach. It features a powerful 8 amp motor. The saw has a multi-angle head that is capable of cutting through branches of all shapes and sizes. It has the power to cut through branches that are up to seven inches thick. This pole saw features and auto oiler feature which keeps the saw lubricated while you are using it. For convenience, this saw starts with the push of a button. It runs on electricity rather than on gas like some other pole saws, which means that you do not have to deal with fumes. The Snow/Sun Joe pole saw also features a safety switch to keep it from accidentally starting. This pole saw should last you for many years, but in the event that you run into an issue, the company offers a 2 year extended warranty.

Remington Ranger Pole Saw

This saw combines the convenience of a pole saw with the power of a chainsaw. Depending on your needs at the moment, this saw can be used as either or. It can simply be converted from pole saw to chainsaw by detaching the pole with the click of a button. When using this model as a pole saw, the shaft extends to up to 10 feet which makes it great for pruning high branches. The length of the saw can easily be adjusted to make pruning branches of all heights convenient.   The saw head also features a branch hook to make the process go even more smoothly. This pole saw runs on electricity, so you will need an extension cord. The handle of this saw offers a non-slip grip, which adds to comfort while using and gives this saw an added level of safety. This is an excellent pole saw for lawn maintenance.

Worx Electric Pole Saw

Like the Remington saw listed above, this saw is also a two in one saw. It can be used as a pole saw or as a handheld chainsaw. It features an 8-foot extension pole that can be used to reach most limbs that might need trimming during landscape jobs. This pole saw features a rotating handle which allows the user to take advantage of multiple angles while pruning. If you want to take it a step above pruning, some users have had success using this to cut down entire small to medium-sized trees. Some users believe that the saw itself can be a bit heavy when it is being used with the pole attachment, but it simply takes some getting used to. Once those who used this saw got used to the weight, they found that this saw was incredibly sturdy and easy to control when trying to target specific branches.

Black+Decker Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw

This pole saw allows users to access heights of up to 14 feet. It is battery operated which takes away the hassle of having to deal with extension cords or gas. Each battery charge will last for about 100 cuts. This pole saw is on par with many of the other pole saws on the market in terms of price and function. It would make a great addition to the collection of any homeowner, or property owner that is in charge of their own maintenance. If you have issues with lifting some of the heavier pole saw models, this pole saw by Black + Decker could be the answer to your problem. This pole saw is significantly lighter than some of the other models that are on the market. It is easy for people of all strength levels to lift and operate. If you own some of Black+Deckers other products, this product is compatible with them and can be charged with the same charger.

Pole Saws for All Jobs

With a high-quality pole saw, most can achieve double the productivity in half the time. Instead of using clippers, invest in a pole saw for your next tree-trimming job.