Best Moisture Meter

You might be able to tell if wood looks damp. It might look or smell a certain way. But there’s more to moisture content that meets the eye. If you’re looking for a better way, you’re in the right place. Learn more about the best moisture meter that are built to deliver a pinpoint estimate.

best moisture meter


Webrella MD-912 Digital Moisture Tester

This small digital gadget is doing big things in the world of wood moisture detection. With a large screen for reading, this moisture meter is able to provide accurate results to avoid further damage to your wooden objects. No more fire-less wood going into your fireplace and no need to stress about hiring an expert to come out and test plywood in the house for damage causing moisture. For both professional and household use and speaking of professionals—if you work in the construction industry, this meter is perfect for detecting moisture in any wood being used for building.

In the raving reviews for Webrella’s MD-912 Digital Moisture Meter, you will find customers more than pleased to witness the accuracy of this meter. One review described how the meter read excess moisture in some firewood purchased; the customer stated the wood appeared ‘dry’. Come to find out, when the customer attempted to light the firewood—it wouldn’t light! Moreover, when the meter read ‘dry’ for the wood—the firewood lit up perfectly.

In another case of customer satisfaction, a review explains how they were experiencing “cupping” on their hardwood floors. After having expert repairmen come out to asses the damage, the customer noticed the men did not use a moisture meter to detect any problem areas. Following the disappointing estimate, the customer purchased this Webrella meter and found the water was coming from a leaky faucet. Post repair the issue, the customer was able to fix their problem and not have to pay hundreds, or thousands of dollars to repair the floors.

Proster Digital Wood Moisture Meter

Wide range and high accuracy, this digital meter successfully read where moisture is present and does so at a very reasonable cost. Able to detect moisture in: firewood; paper; wall; wood flooring and cardboard. With calibrations for 50 species of wood categorized into 4 main wood groups within the meter memory. The multi-function features allow this meter to read data in large LCD display and has a battery conserving auto power off function.

The measurement principle for this moisture meter is electrical resistance. Being a pin-type meter, the pins are inserted into the wood and an electrical current is passed between the two pins. Depending on the amount of resistance, the meter is able to detect the amount of moisture within the wood; less resistance equals more moisture. Seeing as how this meter uses pins that must be inserted into the wood, it is recommended that the meter is applied to the back of the wood, or in areas that will, otherwise, go unnoticed.

Complete with a carrying case and a protective cap to prevent damage, this little handy device can and should be considered a must-have in the household and on the job. Even accompanied by detailed instructions, one might find the meter is quite simple to use. Simply turn on the power button, select “mode” so that the meter can accurately measure moisture per type of wood, insert the pins and press hold to read the recording. Once done, power off the device, or wait fifteen minutes for the auto-shutoff.

Meter Pinless Moisture Meter

Having a pinless meter to detect moisture is very useful when you are working with wood that is precious, or you simply do not want to cause any damage. This intelligent moisture meter is well worth the price and even being on the pricier side of meters—still will not break the bank. With an accuracy of 0.5% and a range between 4%—80% RH, this moisture meter is the investment worth making.

Dr. Meter Pinless Moisture Meter uses HF electromagnetic waves to accurately measure moisture, without damaging the object. As far as testing goes, this meter wastes no time and responds very quickly to the detection of moisture due to the advance moisture sensor. This wide application meter is able to be used on: wood; tobacco; paper; bamboo; medicinal material and so much more.

As advanced as this meter appears, it is presumed to be limited to professional use only. However, with the simple instructions on how to use the product and with the ease of application, this moisture meter is beneficial for anyone—no matter their personal, or professional experience. Forgot to turn off your meter and left it somewhere out of reach? Fret not, as the meter has an auto-shutoff function that kicks in after 5 minutes of non-use.

How Does it Work?

A moisture meter works by measuring how well electricity flows in wood. Many of these products have two prongs. One prong releases an electrical current that is measured by the other prong. The more moisture that’s present in the specimen, the harder it is for the current to pass through, increasing the moisture amount.