Best Miter Saw Stands

At some point, you’re likely to have a project that requires you to take your tools with you.
best miter saw stands

This means not only lugging around your toolbox and bet, but also your much more cumbersome power tools and everything required to use them.

Maybe you’re an avid woodworker helping out a friend with their renovation. Or maybe you’re a contractor who’s always on the move. Either way, you’ll need something reliable and heavy duty to make sure both you and your tools stay safe.

If either of those scenarios describes you, you’re in need of a miter saw stand.

POWERTEC MT4000 Deluxe Miter Saw Stand with Wheels and 110V Power Outlet

Check out the Powertec MT4000 Deluxe Miter Saw Stand with Wheels and 110V Power Outlet. This trusty stand is more mobile than others as it features 8 inch rubber wheels, making it ideal for uneven jobsites or remote work.

Its power outlets mean you won’t be wrestling with as many extension cords, and you can even plug things besides your miter saw in! Its spring loaded locking legs make it incredibly easy to both set up and break down.

Supporting up to 330 pounds and extending up to 79 inches wide, this stand is a steal.

BORA Portamate PM-4000 – Heavy Duty Folding Miter Saw Stand with Quick Attach Tool Mounting Bars

For a slightly less mobile and more budget friendly option, check out the Bora Portamate PM 4000 Heavy Duty Folding Miter Saw Stand. Still incredibly portable, it features a lightweight tubular steel construction (which weighs only 30 pounds) and can support a whopping 500 pounds!

best miter saw stand for the money

It is compatible with miter saws up to 12 inches and can even accommodate sliding and chop saws. The legs simply fold up and swing underneath the stand’s body, making for a foolproof setup and takedown process.

Designed with your comfort in mind, this stand sits at the ideal working height of 36 inches so you can put in those long days without pesky back pain or discomfort.

As the name suggests, the Quick Attach tool mounting bars make attaching a variety of saws a breeze. It’s easy to stock up on two or three of these workhorse saw stands.

Evolution Power Tools EVOMS1 Compact Folding Miter Saw Stand with Quick Release Mounting Brackets, Rollers, and End Stops

If you anticipate having to cut a lot of longer lumber pieces, you’ll need a miter saw stand that can support both the weight and length of your materials.

Something too short or light would result in wobbling or even tipping over, which is where the Evolution Power Tools Compact Folding Miter Saw Stand comes in. This sturdy stand can support workpieces of up to 118 inches long and up to 330 pounds, so even the heaviest miter saw should be no problem.

Its end rollers allow users to easily slide wood across the work surface with minimal friction while safely keeping it from falling off. Its quick release brackets allow easy removal of your miter saw and can accommodate all of Evolution Power Tools’ miter saws as well as almost any other brand.

This miter saw stand is great for those with a high volume, larger-piece workflow.

DEWALT Miter Saw Stand With Wheels

When portability and quick setup is the name of the game, check out the DEWALT Miter Saw Stand with Wheels.

simple miter saw stand

While some users joke that its appearance is reminiscent of a gurney, you can’t deny how function and simple to use this saw stand is.

Its wide rubber grip wheels make moving across uneven terrain a non-issue and allow you to comfortably take it longer distances on the job.

What really sets this miter saw stand apart is that it features a pneumatic assisted raising and lowering functionality, allowing users to raise and lower the stand without strain or too much effort.

Its wide adjustable work supports can provide support to up to 8 feet of material, and its adjustable mounting rails fit almost any miter saw.

A strong and heavy duty tubular steel constructed body supports up to 300 pounds total weight. This stand is a must have for the on-the-go woodworker or contractor.

DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Compact

Last but certainly not least, the DEWALT Compact Miter Saw Stand is a small but mighty choice. Its universal design allows for use with all brands of miter saws, and the lightweight aluminum constructed body makes it easy to take with you.

This compact saw can still support up to 10 feet of material and a total weight of 500 pounds! The ultimate choice for versatility and portability, this miter saw stand is worth every penny.

Get the Best Miter Saw Stand For Your Projects

Seems simple, almost too simple to make a whole article dedicated to this – but when operating a miter saw, it’s vital to have a solid stand to make your work easier and safer.