The Best Laser Levels

Ok, so one of the best investments I ever made was in a quality laser level. It’s helped me in so many ways for both contract work as well as home improvement and renovations. From getting a starting line for laying hardwood floors to lining up top and bottom plates for stud walls, a laser level can become your best friend.

the best laser level

Not all laser levels are created equal and some of the bad ones sure aren’t durable enough to take a beating, even from the average homeowner/weekend warrior.

In this post, our experts reviewed the best laser levels that you can buy.

DEWALT DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

You don’t have to be a pro to put up trim and cabinets like one. A solid self-leveling laser will guide you every step of the way, and IP54 water and dust resistance will keep it running for a long time. The base includes a quarter inch thread, which can be mounted on pretty much any camera tripod, so you don’t need to buy a fancy surveyor tripod for simple tasks.

The base is also magnetic, so mounting solutions are endless. Guaranteed accurate to an eighth of an inch at 30 feet, the level runs on 3 AA batteries and it’s simple to set up. Buy it on Amazon for the best price.

Firecore Self-Leveling Horizontal/Vertical Cross-Line Laser Level 

Batteries not included, but if you are looking for a simple laser level on a budget, you don’t have to resort to one of those annoying “level with a laser pointer” combinations. This guy is super affordable, fully functional, and even has self-leveling capabilities.

The magnetic bracket allows you to mount it either to the refrigerator (or other steel surface) or a 5/8” tripod. It’s incredibly light weight, and small enough to fit in your pocket. The device itself attaches to the bracket with a quarter-inch screw, so you could rig it to work on a camera tripod as well.

Also comes with a slope function, which can be used when you disable the auto leveling feature. Small, functional, and priced for just about anyone who doesn’t need fancier hardware.

DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling 3-Beam Line Laser

For heavier duty applications, more accuracy, or possibly just a sturdier device, you start looking up in price. This three-beam line is twice as bright as some of the cheaper units, and uses a magnetic pivot bracket, much like the others. It takes four batteries, weighs just under five pounds, and comes with a 3 year warranty and a 30 hour battery life.

It’s self-leveling, one touch operation. You might want to invest in a solid camera tripod for this one, as with the heavier weight, the magnetic base hasn’t been suitable adjusted to support it. Not a big worry, as if you are spending this much on a level, I’m sure a base is already in your kit, but just a warning.

Bosch GLL 30 Self Leveling Cross Line Laser

Another low-cost offering from Bosch. This cross-line self leveling laser has pretty decent accuracy, runs on 2 AA batteries, and comes with a flexible mounting device that includes a clamp. No more worrying about finding a steel surface, you can clip it to a ladder, or just about anything else.

The clamp has fine and course adjustments so you can always position it right where you need it. For the price, I’m surprised that Bosch was able to put that much effort into the mounting bracket. It’s almost worth the price of the level just for that. The unit weighs 8 ounces, and the accuracy probably isn’t perfect, so it may need some adjustment, but you really can’t beat it for the price, especially for small jobs.

Johnson-Level-Tool-99-006K-Self-Leveling Rotary Laser System

Okay, enough stalling. If you want a big rotary laser system (and let’s face it, we all do) for installing that pool by yourself, doing bigger jobs, or just one-upping the neighbor, you can get one without spending a thousand dollars.

This system from Johnson Level & Tool will have you up and going in no time. Perfect for leveling ground, marking cut and fill, or just hanging pictures in the living room. The system comes with a self leveling laser, aluminum tripod, padded carrying case, rocking rod, and more. You’re set up and ready to go.

This is as solid a kit as you will find for the money, and there are three settings for the rotary speed, at 200, 400, and 600 RPMs. Enjoy.