Best Heat Guns For All Jobs

It’s time to throw out that old hair-dryer. With a heat gun, you’ll get higher, more compact heat that’ll heat surfaces better than any hairdryer hands-down. Whether you’re looking to heat shrink wrapping or weld plastics, you’ll be able to get exactly that with these best heat guns. Learn more below.

best heat guns

SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun 

If you are looking for a fast working heat gun , then this heat gun is something to check out. The SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun uses a strong power to quickly heat up to 1202° in just a matter of seconds. What makes this heat gun different from other dual temperature heat guns is that this one provides variable temperature control. This heat gun offers rheostat-type heating. The temperature ranges from 120°F to 1200°F, and overload protector is included to avoid damaging your heat gun and circuit sequence. This heat gun has a scientific ergonomic design handle equipped to prevent strain injuries as well as other muscular skeletal disorders.

Use this heat gun for a variety of tasks. It is ideal for shrink wrapping, heating PVC electronics, cell phone repairs, vinyl wrapping, removing paint off floor tiles as well as loosening rusted bolts

This heat gun is equipped with a deflector not all that directs a long narrow he pattern the service here working on. Two concentrator nozzles direct a flow of concentrated heat to the service you were working on. A deflector nozzle distributes heat evenly flow around the whole service you were working on. If you are unsatisfied with your heat gun for any reason, you are encouraged to utilize the lifetime warranty, as well as return guarantee. SEEKONE wants to make sure that its customers are fully satisfied with their purchases. With great customer service to back up a great product, you really can’t go wrong with this heat gun.

SEEKONE Industrial Heat Gun 1800W 

This heat gun is the perfect addition to your tool set. The scientific ergonomic design handle is intended to prevent repetitive strain injuries and musculosketal disorders. This heat gun comes with four nozzle attachments including Spoon reflector nozzle for shrinking heat shrink tubes; a cone nozzle used for welding and shrink sleeving; a fish tail surface nozzle used for drying and thawing ;A BBQ lighter that can be used for lighting the coal on the BBQ.

Ventilation slots and heat dissipation design reduce the amount of heat, and cools down the motor during working time to expand the using life .This heat gun is easy to use, and is ideal to work on a variety of tasks. Ideal for stripping paint; lighting charcoal; soldering pipes; shrinking PVC; removing rusted bolts; softening caulk around the sink; bending and molding plastics. This heat gun comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a full refund and return guarantee, all for the low price of $29.99.

PORTER-CABLE PC1500HG 1500-Watt Heat Gun

The Porter-Cable PC1500HG Heat Gun has a dual fan speed selector which delivers high and low fan speed settings. For easy adjustment of temperatures, this heat gun is equipped with a variable temperature control dial. An integrated hands-free support stand allows the heat gun to sit upright so you can use your hands for other things while working.

Equipped with a hanging hook, this heat gun is deal for hanging on a hook in your storage unit. Since it is only 2 pounds, the light-weight aspect makes it easier to hold. Designed with a 1500 W motor, this heat gun delivers high heat as well as multiple fan settings. This cord is 6-feet high grade which improves flexibility when using this tool in the cold. This is the perfect heat gun for a variety of uses such as paint removal, bending plastic pipes removing adhesive tiles, welding plastics and shrinking plastic tubing.  Enjoy all of these features for just under $20.

Hot Heatgun Handiwork

Hairdryers are built to heat hair to the optimial drying point without burning. With a heat gun, you’ll be able to control the heat more effectively, and get a stronger, more concentrated heat wave. Get rid of your hairdryer and use a professional heat gun for your next DIY project.