Best Concrete Saw

 When you’ve got a concrete sawing job, it’s important for you to have the right tool to get the job done. Some concrete saws are built to cut short distances without lubrication, while other saws are built to cut deeper than 6 inches using lubrication. We’ve listed the top best concrete saws for your next tough job.

best concrete saw

Evolution DISCCUT1 12-Inch Disc Cutter


Enjoy the ease of cutting even the most robust materials with the Evolution Electric Disk Cutter. Cut through the toughest concrete, even reinforced concrete, stone, brick, and pavement. Safety is the number one priority when cutting into a surface as tough as concrete. An alternative to high maintenance, petrol-powered disc cutters, this disc cutter is equipped with a 15 Amp (1800W) hi-torque, strong electric motor. This eliminated harmful fumes that may be emitted, making it safe and ideal to work in an enclosed area.

Create perfect horizontal and vertical cuts with the ergonomic soft-grip mid-position and front and rear support handles. The fully adjustable safety guard enabled this disc cutter easy to use, and even easier to transport from job site to job site. This disc cutter has a very large cutting capacity. Equipped with a 12-inch diamond blade, the disc cutter can cut up to 4-inches cutting depth with progressive/incremental cutting. A spindle lock device ensures the blade replacement to be simple and fast.

 MEDUSAW is here to alleviate the pain of cutting the toughest materials, such as concrete! MEDUSAW is the first of its kind, fully integrated worm driven saw that is specifically designed to score and cut concrete as accurate as can be. Featuring the legendary worm drive powertrain, along with a unique Cut-Ready adjustable plunge lock and pivoting pointer to perform accuracy for your convenience.

The best-in-class 15 Amp Dual- Field motor keeps the motor cool, extending the tool’s life so that it does not morph due to heat. This concrete saw is designed to be used on wet or dry concrete. The dual integrated dust management system eliminated the dust from your job site. MEDUSAW dust management enables users to be obedient with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHAL) Silica Dust Standard. A dual-size vacuum attachment connects to any jobsite vac for easy dry cuts. Just connect a standard hose to the water feed attachment and take control of the flow with the convenient calve to make precise wet cuts. GFCI is built in the cord. No need to worry about your saw rusting when it gets wet.

This saw has rust-resistant brackets and fasteners that withstand corrosion for a very long time. Use the multi-function wrench to assist the blade and brush changes, as well as securing water feed attachment and replacement of foot wheels. With a max cutting capacity of 2 in. at 90 degrees, this 7-inch saw is ideas for concrete cutting, scoring, asphalt, landscaping blocks, granite, bluestone, limestone, and CMU. A vacuum hose adapter and clamp, water feed assembly and quick disconnect, valve and multi-function wrench are all included in this great packaged deal!

SKILSAW SPT79A-10 7″ Walk Behind Worm Drive for Concrete

MEDUSAW Walk Behind will make your concrete job a lot easier to handle. This Concrete saw is the first of its kind, making it the world’s first worm drive fully integrated saw that was specifically created for scoring and cutting concrete as precisely as can be.

If you’re looking for a complete concrete cutting system with corm drive power and durability, then the worm drive walk behind concrete saw is what you need to get the job done. The adjustable folding handle can extend to peak height, and it can fold down easily for transportation and storage. Equipped with a two-finger trigger that reduces fatigue and enhances the control you have over the saw. To meet OSHA compliance, the Wet/dry dust management system controls the amount of dust produced, offering a cleaner cut and a longer life of your tool.

This saw is equipped with Die-cast aluminum housings, guard and foot with rust-resistant brackets and fasteners to fight against corrosion for the duration of your saw’s life. A very strong Dual-Field motor surges cooling, extending the life of the tool as well. Enjoy the improved stability with the large foot and oversized wheels.

Tough Jobs Made Easy

Other things to note when considering which concrete saw is the safety features. For water-lubricated saws, is there a gfci protection? Pick the saw that gets the job done safely. With one of these saws, you’re sure to take on that tough job easily.