Best Angle Gauge

Your woodworking project doesn’t have room for any errors. Getting your angles right are essential. Learn more about the best angle gauge that’ll keep your woodworking project perfect down to the degree.

best angle gauge

CO-Z Digital Angle Gauge

The CO-Z Digital Angle Gauge is a must have for: construction; automobile repair; decorating; woodworking; machinery and so much more. The applications for this high-tech gauge are endless and when it comes to the vital importance of accurate measurements, you do not want to risk using a faulty product. Compact and lightweight, this aluminum alloy and ABS angle gauge will go wherever you go and can easily fit into your pocket, workbench drawer, or in any carrying case.

With a large LCD display, reading angle measurements is no longer a hassle and the device comes with a backlight—perfect for nighttime projects. Need to measure a metal-based object? The magnetic base allows you to set the angle gauge wherever you need it—on any ferrous metal surface. When on the job, or working on an important project that relies on accuracy, this level gauge will last about fifty hours with just one 1.5V AAA battery.

This device only requires two buttons for full functionality and provides you with accurate results so that each project can be completed, confidently. The CO-Z Digital Angle Gauge also works in temperatures ranging from 32° to 120° F and in humidity to more than 85%.

TickTockTools Digital Angle Finder

This effortless little device allows craftsmen and professionals to measure both angle and level surfaces. Having a strong magnetic base, the TickTockTools Digital Angle Finder performs beautifully on metal base objects and is featured with three functional buttons; one for ‘zero’ feature to determine relative angles; a ‘hold’ feature to freeze readouts; and the on and off button for overall functioning.

This device also functions as an inclinometer and has a level and bevel gauge to perform a variety of features. Large LCD reading and a backlight for accurate reads are not the only features making readings that much easier—the device is also capable of inverting digits 180° for overhead measurements. Once the device picks up on reading, the numbers stay put making the task effortless.

Being the small, compact device that it is, this digital angle finder will fit perfectly in your front pocket. So as you move from job to job and when you need to put it away for sake keeping, the device comes with a sturdy, rugged cubed shaped case. Beyond professional use, if you simply wanted to hang a picture and make sure the measurements are exact, place this device on top of the frame to verify accurate placement.

GemRed Digital Level Box

The GemRed Digital Level Box Protractor Angle Finder Level Gauge Bevel Gauge Inclinometer is user-friendly, cost-effective and sturdy for any kind of job; both professionally and at home. Equipped with a sturdy magnet and a quick reading response this device makes reading measurements effortless and non-time-consuming.

When busy working on a project, the last thing someone wants to worry about is having a battery dead device, or not being able to read the device measurements quickly. The GemRed Digital Level Box has an energy saving feature of auto shut-off is installed and the backlight will turn off after 30 seconds of immobility. If you need to measure at a tricky angle, the readings will rotate at about a 90° angle.

Being the small, compact device that it is, you will be able to carry it wherever you go and not worry about holding it in your hand as you go from project to project. To ensure optimal convenience the makers of GemRed Digital Level Box are selling their device with batteries included. Furthermore, once the device runs out of battery, the removal of the dead battery for a new one is as easy as turning the device on and off.

Ready For Any Project

Got a project that you need an angle gauge for? Make sure you have the best technology on your side, it’ll make the job that much easier.